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Who We Are?

Welcome to Nutrition Dynamic Foods where healthy food is as flavorful as the routine food and is loved by all and consumed guilt – free.

Being the pioneer in crafting plant based nutrition foods in India, Ms. Arpita Doshi, the woman behind NDF, is driven with the passion to develop unique plant base food combinations that go beyond the cliché health food. Right from the start, she always had an inclination towards food and biology. Graduating in the field of microbiology, and PG Diploma in Biotechnology in foods from University Of Hertfordshire, U.K. Mrs. Arpita’s immense passion to transform the health industry laid the foundation for Nutrition Dynamic Foods.

She always wanted to break the stereotype related to healthy food in India. Nutrition Dynamic Foods is born to provide a unique healthy fusion of routine food and plant based food. Currently, we are the only company in the field of nutrition to provide completely natural, nutritious and chronologically diverse foods of plant origin to give the color of health to your valuable body while not losing out on essence of taste to your taste buds.

All day any time sweet savory snack with goodness of fruits
without cruelty of sugar.

The Problem

From ages, the concept of nutritious food has been underrated. We tend to eat food either to fill our
stomach or to fill our heart. However, very few of us realize that wonders of right food go much beyond. It is an art of nourishing oneself, one that holds the capacity to make us strong and motivated or weak and powerless.

We found that the root cause of all the health problems is improper lifestyle but the seed cause lies in improper Food Nutrition. In present scenario, when we go out and try to find healthy nutrition meals we are flooded with soups, cereal bars or protein powders. All these products can be labeled as so called “healthy” however they do not satisfy the brain, thereby making us crave for more food. Another drawback of such products are that it is not delicious, time consuming, immobile, loaded with additives & preservatives, artificially fortified products, and most importantly, limitation of variety.

Cholesterol free

Diabetic Friendly

Weight Management

Free From Artificial Additives

Eat food not for empty stomach but for healthy body.

The Solution

Imagine choice of foods that is tasty while being nutritious and healthy!! NDF lets you experience the same taste, however, with a nutritious twist!

Right from soup to desserts, NDF introduces products having 5 course meal options. Having designed our production process in a way that it becomes very close to home food, NDF aims to sustain that element of taste along with being equally nutritious. The products are well balanced with nutrient rich ingredients and spices that are tummy filling. We have a product range that starts from the delicious and healthy appetizer Dudhi Jaljeera and goes right up to satisfying your sweet cravings with ProFib Ladoo.

It is not the taste that stands for real food; it is the food that is “Made Effortless and Eat Guilt Free” which holds importance. We strongly believe that when the brain, heart and stomach are fed with proper nutritious foods, it can motivate the mind and body to create miracles.

To sum it up, we provide “Food for the Soul” i.e. food that makes you happy and feel contented.

Internal Solution for Glowing Skin

Combination Food for optimum health

Satity food for small portion size

100% Plant Based Nutrition

Food for the Soul

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